Hindol Welfare Association
State Bank of India
Sailashree Vihar (10127)
Savings Bank A/C No.- 31023611334
IFS Code:SBIN0010127
Odisha (India)

Dear friends,
We the Hindol people residing at Bhubaneswar have formed one Association named as Hindol Welfare Association, Bhubaneswar. The Association is functioning form Dt. 09.11.2008 and duly registered at Inspector General, Registration Odisha, Cuttack vide Registration No-23249/118 of 2010-11. By now nearly 350 persons have become members of the Association. We have also amended the Bye-law to include all peoples of Hindol residing at any place of Odisha to be the member of the association.

We are committed for all round development of Hindol Sub- Division in particular & development of the state in general. As you know Hindol Sub-Division is still a very back-ward Sub-Division where most of the people are illiterate, suffering from low standard of living, ignorance, poverty, un-employment with high maternal mortality, malaria death, malnutrition and death due to hunger & so on.

Even after 66 years of independence, the socio-economic condition of common peoples have not been improved up to the mark. It is mostly because of the large scale corruption which has grasped the Sub-Division as well as the entire nation. As such our Association have committed to make Hindol an ideal Sub-Division by making it corruption free & thereby improving the socio-economic condition of the people of Hindol. This will also set an example for other Sub-Divisions of the Nation. In this regard we have already started our activities to serve the common people of Hindol .All our activities starting from 2009-10 to2012-13 are displayed in the association website www.hwa.org.in.Which may please be visited.

The large scale corruption is caused mainly due to the ill involvement of the political representative (MLA) in a constituency.As such our association have taken a resolution to support to a candidate having honesty,truthfulness,selfless sacrifice,service to mankind with nobel attitude , highly qualified and must be corruption free to be our political representative (MLA) in the coming 2014 general elction.We have already started the process of selecting the candidates by calling pressmeet,inviting applications from aspirant candidates ,conducting open discussion and popularity survey etc.

We once again reiterate that this association is a community based organization (CBO). We are now meeting the above expenses by receiving donations mostly from the Association members and few people of Hindol residing outside the state and abroad. The amount of donation generally received is not sufficient to carry out smoothly the above noble activities of the Association in future . You may kindly visit our web site "www.hwa.org.in" for details about the Association. Our Hindol is proud of your education & prosporous life & wish you to live in peace with your family & friends. Last but not the least we need your help to meet the above expenses of around rupees four lakh sixty thousand ( Rs. 4,60,000) per annum. Kindly donate generously for the noble cause. Your little help will count much for the Association & will go a long way in helping the poor people of Hindol to improve their Socio-economic condition & will bring a smile in their faces. It may not be out of place to mention here that the collection & expenditure of Association is regularly audited every year by a qualified auditor as per the provision in the Bye law. This Association maintains complete transparency in respect of Collection & Expenditure. Be assured that your donation will be spent economically & effectively for the noble cause. Also we have displayed our incomes and expenditures in our website.
Thanking you .With regards.

Sri Uma Charan Mishra
Retired dist.Judge
Er. Prabodh Kumar Pal
Retd. Chief Engr.(Elect.)