The Hindol Welfare Association (HWA), Bhubaneswar activity report for 2012-13 are here under.
As per programme we have carried out following activities.
1.  Health Care:-
a) The Association have conducted Three health Camps during 2012-13. First one at village Katimili on 11.11.2012, the 2nd one at village Ganjara on 06.01.2013 and the 3rd one at Village Khaliborei on 10.02.2013 of Hindol Sub-Division. In the health camps free medical check up of 900,500 and 600 ailing people respectively have been done by a group of experienced specialist doctors along with distribution of medicines free of cost by experienced pharmacists. In these health camps malaria test were also carried out free of cost.
b) The Association members have met the Minister & the Secretary Health department to fillup the vacant post of specialist doctors ( vig- Medicine & Surgery) laying vacant since 3 years & S.D.M.O post since 11/2 years at Sub-Divisional Hospital Hindol depriving the common poor people of the locality from availing proper health care. Finally only the surgery post was filled up leaving behind the much needed post of Medicine Specialist & post of S.D.M.O. Now the Association is constantly persuing the matter with the department to fill up the said posts.
2. Education:-
We met the parents of dropout students of Panchapada U.P.School, Barasinga High School and Naukiari U.P.School. We convinced 14 parents those who agree to send their children to the respective schools. Now it is observed that they are sending their children to the respective schools regularly.
3. Irrigation & water resource:-
Our Hindol people are neglected so far the irrigation & water management is concerned. The integrated Sapua-Badajora project was taken up by Govt. during early nineties. But to our surprise Sapua project was only constructed leaving behind Badajora project for which most of the aycut area are not being irrigated & the farmers are suffering with irreparable loss every year. Our Association have called for information under R.T.I from the department regarding delition of Badajora project. All the informations available with the department have already received. Now we are preparing to discuss the mater at Minister/ Secretary level. We are also meeting Chief Engineer, water resource time & again to get adequate fund for repair of exing canals and as a result all most all canals are repaired where water for irrigation are provided.
4. Reliability of Electricity Supply to Hindol Area:-
Due to constant efforts by the Association our dream project i.e. 132/33 K.V. Grid Sub-Station at Khajuriakata with feeding line is in progress to cater reliability of power supply to Hindol area. Now the work is in full swing and is likely to be completed over a year.
5. Forest:-
a) For conservation & aforestation of forest we have formed one VSS Mahasangha taking together 48 VSS of Hindol Range. With the help of VSS Mahasangha we are interacting with local forest officials. As a result the theft of forest has reduce to a great extent. We are taking the saplings from forest nursery and distributing to local people and at different schools for plantation to bring about ecological balance in the region as well as to combat Global warming.
b) Plantation:- During Vanamahochhab-2012 (i.e from 01.07.2012 to 07.07.2012) we have planted 1200 saplings at villages Panchapada & Nuabaga of Hindol Sub-Division of Dhenkanal District.
6. Repair & renovation of roads:-
a) Road from Satmile to Hindol Town:- With constant persuation at the C.E.Roads & Secretary works department by the Association, 4 Km road from Satmile towards Hindol Town is under renovation like major District Road. We are also persuing the matter with the department to provide fund for renovation of balance 8 K.M road during 2013-14 financial year.
b) Damaged PMGY road from Balimi to Babandha:- Our Association lodged PIL in the High Court to repair Balimi to Babandha damaged PMGSY Road. As per verdict of High Court the repair work is in progress.
7. Awareness rallies & camp on forest & environment:-
During the year we have conducted awareness rallies on forest & environment at villages Rasol, Kalingapal, Naukiari and Barsinga on 21.12.2012,22.12.2012, 07.01.2013 & 13.02.2013 respectively with help of School students, staff, teachers & local forest department officials. One awareness camp on forest & environment was also conducted at Town Hall, Rasol on 23.12.2012 by our association which was quite successful.
8. Anti Corruption Activities:-
a) To reduce corruption especially from official level in Hindol Sub-Division, we have opened one Branch office at Laxmi Bazar, Hindol Town on 04.11.2011. There we have also given appointment to an office co-ordinator. The office co-ordinator is now helping the people by way of filling their applications and following thereafter till disposal at different offices. We had written to all offices at Hindol Sub-Division & Dhenkanal District level to dispose the public grievances on first come first serve basis.
b) Obtaining Informations on R.T.I.:- We have asked informations through R.T.I from Block Office on Antipoverty programme such as IAY (Indira Awas Jyojana), MO- KUDIA, NREGS & Farm Pond etc. where rampat corruption seems to have been taking place. Due to this said programmes are now getting streamlined at the Block office & our common poor peoples are being benefitted. Similarly we have asked informations from Tahasil office on Mutation cases, Demarcation of land & Black granite quarries. We could not get due justice from R.T.I Commissioner for which it could not be streamlined for the benefit of common & poor people of Hindol. However we are persuing the matter to get it streamlined so that the common people will get their justice on redressal of their grievances at Tahasil level.
9. Establishment of industry near Satmile Chowk:-
The Association is now taking steps to establish one Khadi Industry near Satmile Chowk. We have applied to DIC / KVIB for the purpose.
10. Help to homeless families due to fire mishap:-
Fire mishap occurred at village Krushnachandrapur (Hilsar), of Mahalunda G.P, Kharidali of Kutunia G.P & Khaliborei (Similisahi) of Khaliborei G.P on 27.02.2013, 28.02.2013 & 01.03.2013 respectively. Our Association extended help to the affected families by distributing sarees & other materials.
11. Support to Praja Urnayan Sangha, Jharbandha affected by Rungta Mines Steel Plant:-
The people of Jharbandha, Galpada & Tarkabeda are the land & house  loosers for the up coming Rungta Mines Steel Plant. As per MOU the plant should have been completed by 2008. Till date the plant has not been established. As a result no peripheral development along with rehabilitation work have been done for the affected people. Our Association shown solidarity and supported the people of the area at the rally & dharana staged by them on 23.02.2013 before the Assembly & also decided to support them till they get their legitimate claims.