Hindol Welfare Association (HWA), a duly registered organization, is one of the leading pioneer community based organizations (CBO) involved in all-around development of Hindol Sub-Division in particular and entire state of Odisha in general. After independence form British rule, the entire country is now under the grasp of corruption and antisocial elements and needs another independence from it for upliftment of socio-economic standard of the common people of India.

    As we know, Hindol is still socio-economically a backward sub-division, where most of the people suffered from low standard of living, ignorance, poverty, unemployment with high maternal mortality, malaria deaths, malnutrition, death due to hunger and so on. We understand that it is not only the responsibility of Government and other developmental actors, but also the duty of Hindol Welfare Association, Bhubaneswar and common people of the area to sensitize on the issues access correct and in time information and services available at the service providers level.

    The Hindol Welfare Association aims to make Hindol Sub-division as an ideal Sub-division by monitoring all developmental work taken up by Govt. in the region such as Health, Education, Irrigation, Agriculture, Communication, Electricity, Agricultural marketing etc and finally making it corruption free by keeping close watch to ensure the ideal principle of “First come First serve” for disposal of different issues including public complaint by all officers situated at Hindol.

    As one of the elite catalytic group, Hindol Welfare Association has already started serving the people on health ground by conducting Health Camps at different places of Hindol Sub-division in short intervals. It has also formed one Vana Sarakhyana Samiti (VSS) Mahasangha consisting of members from all parts of the sub-division to protect the forest as well as environment in the region. These activities have been successfully implemented due to active participation and selfless contribution by the members of the Association. By and large these activities along with other developmental activities of Association will continue in the future years.

    As a part of advocacy activity Hindol Welfare Association is highly concerned on the issue to provide “door step” services and information by the line departments of Government of Odisha and other service providers.

    Last but not the least, hindol Welfare Association needs moral as well as financial support from the government, NRIs, NGOs, Civil Society Organissations and all development actors along with community to achieve the above goal and make Hindol an ideal Sub- division in the Country.